Helping a Performance Coach Replace Her 6 Figure Income & Leave Her Day Job


What offers will fast track you to quitting your day job? Cathy coaches Leah, a marathon athlete and performance coach with aspirations of being a motivational speaker – but she’s also a guidance counselor, volleyball coach, and a busy mom. Find out how to make the most of your time and bandwidth when you feel limited, what you can sell that will bring in the most revenue, how to find the clients that can afford it, and how to let yourself step into the spotlight.

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1. When you do things that give you juice, it’ll give you energy.
2. You don’t have to do it perfectly.
3. Build the bridge instead of taking the leap.
4. When we change our finances, we’re changing our identity. Sell your audience an opportunity to change their identity, to be who they are.
5. Let it be easy.
6. On the other side of fear is exhilaration.
7. You are deserving of the spotlight.
8. The cage door is open. It’s time to go through it.

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