Greg McKeown on Making It Effortless to Do the Essential Things


How can you make it easier to do what matters most? Greg McKeown, NYT bestselling author, speaker, and podcaster wrote his books Essentialism and Effortless to help people prioritize the important goals in their life and simplify the process of achieving them. He shares how a 10 minute microburst can create massive progress, how to clear your mental clutter and enter an effortless state, and how to gain clarity about the right path for you by letting go of what you know it isn’t.

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1. If you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will.
2. Instead of asking, “How can I work harder to get better results”, ask yourself, “How can I make it easier? How am I making it harder than it needs to be?”
3. Take a 10 minute microburst. Make the first step you can to accomplish the result you’re trying to achieve.
4. Use your effort to make tomorrow easier and make this action easier than it used to be.
5. Prevention starts by saying, “What are irritating problems I deal with repeatedly that I can do in a few minutes to remove this problem?” A microburst of investment could remove that problem from ever happening again.
6. Pay attention to what not to do. It’s the course correction that takes us closer to being on the right path.
7. You don’t need to have perfect clarity to move forward. We worry about having the right thing right now. But it’s about letting go of things we know it isn’t.


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