Brandi Carlile on Creating Community Through Music & Embracing Who You Are


How can your creations help others to be and love their true eccentric self? Brandi Carlile, multi Grammy winning singer-songwriter, producer, and NYT bestselling author has always loved music, but her love for people was the real impetus for her entire journey. She shares how to create community, what inspired her new album In These Silent Days, how you can embrace your gifts to be an advocate and an ally, and why you need to write your story.

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1. It starts with people first.
2. Create a community. Find people to collaborate with, no matter their skill level. Be part of a scene. You can’t do it all by yourself.
3. Recognize your ego, then thank it and let it go.
4. Write the story of your life, even if it’s just for you. You won’t believe how interesting you are.
5. Make decisions that you think are awesome, even if they’re eccentric. It’s okay to be different from everyone else.
6. There’s not just one way to help. We all have different strengths and abilities.
7. Look to your artists and leaders you can believe in. Look to yourself and ask “How can I help? What gifts have I been given?” Then take it and run with it.


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