Mel Robbins on How to Break Through Resistance & Love Yourself with the High 5 Habit


How can the High 5 Habit build your courage and stop your self criticism? Mel Robbins, bestselling author and renowned motivational speaker was hitting a low moment when she saw herself in the mirror, gave herself a high five…and a complete shift began. She shares how you can unlock the cage that you’re trapped in, where you can find your purpose, and how to give yourself the support, love and celebration you deserve.

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1. The purpose of your life is staring back at you in the mirror every day. There’s a human being in that mirror who needs you, needs your support, your celebration, your belief. When you build a partnership with that one human being, you will discover the meaning of happiness and fulfilment because you will be free to be yourself.
2. Everything is preparing you for something.
3. What’s contained in the resistance is the key to understanding why you don’t have what you want, and it’s the key to unlocking the cage that you’re trapped in.
4. If you can drag yourself out of bed, look at yourself in the mirror and know that in your heart you’re trying to do better, then you deserve support and celebration and love.
5. The real gift you could give yourself is being able to stand in this moment and know that no matter how hard or exhilarating it is, it too is a dot on the map of your life that connects you to something extraordinary that’s coming.
6. We don’t build the resilience and courage we want when things are amazing. They’re like steel. They’re forged in fire.
7. When you’re open to the lesson that life is trying to teach you, it’s pretty miraculous how quickly new chapters open to you.


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