Kelly Roach on Growing an 8 Figure Business with Live Launching, Podcasting & Being of Service


How can you connect, engage, and convert your audience by serving with your gifts? Kelly Roach, business strategist and coach, bestselling author, and top marketing podcaster returns to the show to share her best advice on why it’s better to take imperfect action, how livestreaming and podcasting can scale your business, and how to turn selling into an invitation to the best party in the world.

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1. Life isn’t about what you’re handed or given. It’s about what you can create. It’s all a game of resourcefulness.
2. Release the focus on yourself. Instead, ask yourself every day, “How can I be of service to the world? How can I use the gifts I’ve been given?”
3. Allow yourself to play in the playground of imperfect action. It’s better to do it perfectly imperfect. No one wants to do business with a Barbie doll.
4. Building a business is about connecting, engaging, and converting.
5. When you make the offer, you’re inviting people to the best party in the world. You’re offering them the greatest transformation of a lifetime. You’re giving them a one way ticket to achieving their dreams.
6. Don’t make decisions based on where you are. Make decisions based on where you want to be.
7. The only way you move from fear and uncertainty is through practice. Just like an athlete, you have to train for your business.
8. The dream was planted inside of you because you’re meant to be the person who goes out in the world and fulfills it.

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