How to Get Your First Coaching Clients & Grow Your Business with Podcasting – Kelsey Murphy


How do you launch a coaching business and get your first clients? Kelsey Murphy, life and business coach, B-School mentor, and podcaster returns to the show to share her advice on how to price your coaching services, use podcasting to scale any business, and come back home to what makes you truly happy.

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1. It’s not about making a sales pitch. It’s about sharing your passion.
2. You want paying clients because you want someone who has some skin in the game.
3. You’re a coach when you can get someone clear results or transformation.
4. We already have the answers inside of us. Give your clients an opportunity to reflect and ask themselves, “What’s one thing I’ll take away and move forward with?”
5. Ask yourself how you can have a day of the Gds. Keep coming back to yourself, to what makes you happy. It’s a constant process and ritual.
6. Acknowledge your fear. Love up on it and let it know “I see you. I’m going to do it anyway and I’m not doing it to be perfect. I’m going to be ok if I fail.”
7. Show up and be yourself. People appreciate you when you bring your hot mess and your strengths to the table.


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