How Epic Your Business Can Grow When You Have a Podcast – Jessica Zweig & Jill Stanton


What doors can you open when you start a podcast? Jessica Zweig, branding and marketing expert, author, founder of SimplyBe, and Jill Stanton, cofounder of Screw the Nine to Five are both entrepreneurs who scaled their businesses from their podcasts. They share how to overcome the impostor syndrome when you start with a small audience, how mentorship has played a crucial role in their growth, and how to own who you truly are and let yourself be seen.

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1. Focus on the quality of your audience, not the quantity. The true moving of the needle comes from quality.
2. Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who you put on a pedestal.
3. People don’t want perfection. They want resonance. Show up and be real. Own where you’re at. Show up as your whole self and allow yourself to be seen and received.
4. You deserve to have it all.
5. Everything in nature is designed to be in its full potential.
6. If the dream is put in you, it’s for you.
7. Maybe, just maybe, what’s possible in the quantum is bigger than you can see.

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