Alli Webb & Lori Harder on How to Overcome Your Resistance, Stop Apologizing & Own Your Superpower


How can you push through your fears at every step of building a business? Alli Webb (founder of Drybar, Squeeze, Okay Humans, Becket and Quill) and Lori Harder (founder of Lite Pink), serial entrepreneurs and podcast hosts of Girlfriends in Business return to the show to share their best advice on how to deal with self doubt, build a genius brand, use money as a tool to take yourself and your customer to the next level, stop apologizing for who you are, and own your superpower.

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1. The most important first step is joining a community where it’s safe to speak out about what you want to do. Start talking about it as much as possible. Proclaim it, get it out there, say what you really want, and ask to be held accountable.
2. Life is short. You’ll always second guess yourself if you don’t at least try. If it doesn’t work, lick your wounds and move on. Everything will work out the way it’s supposed to.
3. Leverage your network. Be a person who gives to other people. We all need a support system.
4. Exhaust every possibility and opportunity to make this happen. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it’s a learning experience to inform what’s coming next.
5. Money is the coolest thing ever. It makes the world go round. It enables us to do more good and level up the people we’re working with.
6. Don’t be sorry. Be you. Practice and see what it feels like to not apologize.
7. Speak to where your audience is at now, and speak clearly to how they’ll feel later through the experience you give them.
8. When you follow what you love and see it through, you realize how much you’re capable of doing.

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