5 Ways to Make a Living Doing What You Love


What are the different ways your passion can become a business? Cathy shares how you can make a living doing what you love as a Maker, Teacher, Curator, Investigator / Content Creator, or Service based business, how each one can be monetized without thousands or hundreds of followers, and how to give yourself permission to iterate and pivot throughout the journey of finding what you’re made to do.

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1. You’ve been assigned and you’re needed. You’re a once in a lifetime. There’s nothing more rare than you.
2. The answer is always in the doing. Clarity follows action.
3. The ROI of doing it messy is that you get to become who you’re meant to be. Give yourself the grace to show up and answer the call. Give yourself permission to iterate.
4. You don’t need a million people to love you like life for you to be able to leave your job and do something you love.
5. Don’t be an A+ student. Be a C student. Be the person who’s willing to do it messy and fail forward.
6. Everything in nature was designed to live to its fullest potential.
7. All that there is out there is abundance.
8. If you are here, you deserve to be fulfilled. You deserve to have meaning. We need you to be the happy version of yourself, making and sharing something that lights you up.


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