Terri Cole on Healthy Boundaries, Letting Go of Control & Feeling Worthy to Receive


How can you establish healthy boundaries as a high functioning codependent? Terri Cole, psychotherapist, relationship and empowerment expert, podcast host, and author realized that trying to be responsible for everyone else’s life was sacrificing her mental and emotional wellbeing. She’s here to share her wisdom on how to assert your non negotiables, stop your compulsion to fix other people, become comfortable with intimacy, and allow yourself to receive love.

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1. Having healthy boundaries means you know your non-negotiables and you have the ability to communicate them effectively and transparently when you choose. It means putting yourself first and knowing yourself.
2. No one can authentically love us if we never let them authentically know us.
3. Practice a week of no instant agreements. Nobody needs an immediate answer from you. It’s ok to slow down. Create the space to respond instead of react.
4. You’re not that fragile. It’s worth it to let yourself be uncomfortable for a healthier, more expansive life.
5. You don’t have to be Superwoman for everyone. Let the chips fall where they may. It’s not your job to make sure no chips fall. Deal with your side of the street.
6. Do a resentment inventory. Where do you feel overtaxed and underappreciated? We all have to change those boundary dances we’ve been doing for a long time.
7. Step back. It doesn’t matter what other people’s situation is. It’s not your situation anymore.

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