Rebecca Minkoff & Ali Wyatt on Overcoming Perfectionism, Achieving Big Goals & Becoming Fearless


How can you confront your fears and build a thriving business that you love? Rebecca Minkoff, acclaimed fashion designer, author, and podcaster, and Ali Wyatt created the Female Founder Collective, a community to provide resources, mentorship and opportunities to women who are in the trenches of entrepreneurship together. These two powerhouse leaders share how to break through the fear of pricing, how to jump off the cliff of perfectionism, what skill every entrepreneur should have, and how to make your big dream goals achievable.

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1. Expand your knowledge base. You don’t need to know everything, but know how you can find the answers. Be nimble, innovate, and ask specific questions to the right person.
2. Don’t drink the Kool aid that says you need to be a billionaire on all the magazine covers. You can thrive with a small profitable business that funds your lifestyle, makes you happy, and allows you to stay true to yourself.
3. Take the emotion out of rejection. It’s just a numbers game to get to that one yes. Go far and wide.
4. Find the cliff jumpers who can yank you off the edge and be your parachute. Once you jump off the cliff, that’s where you find the magic of your creativity and grit.
5. When it comes to pricing, throw out the number that makes you want to vomit.
6. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. Reframe failure as an opportunity to ask yourself what you learned and take responsibility for it.
7. Fail fast. Eat the humble pie and be open to critical feedback that can help you pivot to something that will work. When you find out where the momentum is, pour the coals on that.
8. Take baby steps. Turn the huge goal into little wins and moments so you can pat yourself on the back.


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