Mark Groves on Healing from Codependent Relationships, Setting Boundaries & Coming Home to Yourself


Mark Groves, human connection specialist, podcaster, and founder of Create the Love discovered that having hard conversations was the path towards self reclamation and alignment with integrity. He shares how to heal yourself from shame and self sabotage, let your voice be heard, learn from the past versions of yourself, and find your flow so you live in your truth.

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1. Having the hard conversations leads to the reclamation of your true self and builds the path back to your soul. You’ll start to be in alignment with your integrity, with who you are. It’s the most courageous act of rebellion.
2. You don’t speak to get a result. You speak to hear your voice. Just for once, claim something so you can feel in your body whether it’s a hell yes or hell no.
3. Go into your shame instead of trying to hide it in a corner. We don’t know the sacredness of what’s in that pain unless we go into the experience.
4. Welcome home the younger version of you and ask what they can teach you. Live in the highest level of wisdom available to you. It’s not easy, but it’s freedom.
5. Always strive to meet your edge. That edge is how you love better and communicate better.
6. Find the moments of flow by returning to nature and being present in the moment. That’s where you meet yourself.
7. Explore the grief for your younger self. Be the person who sits through the storm. Let those moments cook you, grow you, and evolve you.

Thank you so much for listening!

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