How to Get Clear on Your Vision & Achieve Your Goals


How can you be specific about your vision and actually make it happen? Cathy shares a coaching call where she walks you through the questions to help you gain clarity on what you really want, how to break down goals into manageable steps, and why being impressive is never as powerful as being yourself.

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1. The way to grow a business and have better relationships is to stop trying to be impressive. No one wants to be sold to, or be impressed. They just want to connect.
2. You don’t need a sales pitch. Drop the spiel and be yourself.
3. Ask yourself, “What’s the dream?” Be as specific as possible.
4. Whatever we are not changing, we are choosing.
5. Take a look every day at your goals and understand what you’re doing today to get a little bit closer.
6. If you want to grow, then put something on your calendar every month that makes your heart race.
7. When you heed the call, there’s a lot of magic that comes right behind that. It just takes you being willing to surrender the fear.
8. Once you take the first step and go all in…Boom. The gates open. You’re not going to commit to the old stories. You’re going to change the belief and change your identity when you do that.


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