Gay Hendricks on How to Tap Into Your Genius Zone, Unlimited Creativity & a Life of Abundance


How can you break through your upper limit and step into your genius zone? Gay Hendricks, PhD, NYT bestselling author of The Big Leap is back to share the most empowering lessons from his new book, The Genius Zone. He shares how to stop being controlled by fear, commit to receive more, and find the portal to the full flow of abundance and creativity inside of you.

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1. Keep asking yourself “Who can I become today?” Don’t be limited by what was in the past because you have no control over that. Open up to what you can be today.
2. Fear can only be loved away. You have to open up, love it, and let its energy serve you in some way.
3. Embrace the fullness of yourself and your emotions. They all need to exist in the wholeness of ourselves. Peace of mind only comes through total participation.
4. Life is about transcending your upper limit problem and letting yourself feel the full flow of love, abundance, and creativity. Having them on full flow all the time is living life at best.
5. Life is an inside job.
6. The more you open up to creativity, the better your life gets.
7. Commit to become a better receiver than you were yesterday. The subject of receiving is vast and unlimitless. We’re in an era of receiving.
8. Let go of controlling the uncontrollable, focus on loving the juice of the moment, and extracting the wisdom of this moment.


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