Cheryl Hines on the Magic of Curb Your Enthusiasm & How Failure Guides You to Success


How can you stop worrying about the outcome and make the most of each moment? Cheryl Hines, Emmy nominated actress, producer, director, and podcast host grew up knowing that her situation didn’t define her, and that mindset has allowed her to step into life changing experiences and opportunities. She shares how releasing expectations helped her get her iconic role on Curb Your Enthusiasm, what it’s like working with Larry David and his idiosyncrasies, how to free yourself from anxious thoughts, and how failure can lead you to success.

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1. Go in with no expectations. Don’t try to control the situation. Whatever you’re given is information. Be grateful to have it.
2. Your idiosyncrasies and neuroses are meant to be embraced.
3. The best moments happen when you’re in the moment.
4. Just start somewhere. It doesn’t matter what you try the first time because it doesn’t have to be this thing forever. Whatever you do, you’ll learn from it.
5. Take a step back and ask yourself, “What’s the worst that can happen in this situation?” Life will go on.
6. Invite failure into your life. Failure is not the end. It’s a step to success.
7. Don’t focus on the outcome because the outcome doesn’t define you. Just concentrate on the doing.

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