Rainn Wilson & Reza Aslan Explore Purpose, Happiness & Life’s Biggest Questions


How can you get out of your own way to find your path and more joy? Rainn Wilson, Emmy nominated actor (The Office) and founder of SoulPancake, and Reza Aslan, NYT bestselling author and scholar of religious studies, have teamed up as cohosts of the podcast “Metaphysical Milkshake with Rainn and Reza” to dive into the existential questions that unite us as human beings. They share why stories are so influential on our human identity, how being of service can quiet your impostor syndrome and amplify true joy, and how you can create more good in the world.

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1. Assess your skills. Know where you’re at and what you need to get to where you’re going.
2. Stories are how we understand the world, how we define ourselves, recognize our place in the world, and make sense of this weird experience of life. Who we are as human beings is just the story we constructed about ourselves.
3. Life’s biggest questions can unite us and heal us all.
4. You find happiness and your path by being of service. We find ourselves by losing ourselves.
5. Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
6. Express your values in your day to day actions in the world. It makes no difference to have values or principles if they’re not put into practice.
7. Start super small. Do a little action every day.
8. The way you can be good is to just try. The trying is enough. Trying to do good is being good.

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