Jen Sincero on How to Set Boundaries & Build Badass Habits


How can you establish better boundaries and habits that will upgrade your life? Jen Sincero, NYT bestselling author, success coach, and speaker is back on the podcast to share the best practices from her books You Are A Badass Every Day and Badass Habits. She teaches you how to move on past your fraud complex, say no to the things that aren’t serving you, start each day with a high vibe, and step through fear to embark on this fun adventure.

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1. Your needs matter because you matter. The more you take care of yourself, the more you can take care of others.
2. Your fraud complex doesn’t go away. So don’t wait for it to be gone. Move on, and go forth and prosper in spite of it.
3. Money is just a tool. It’s our choice to make it good or evil.
4. Just see what you can get away with. Take the drama out of it, bring the fun back in, and make it an adventure.
5. Wake up every morning and set your intention for the day.
6. If you want to change your life and you’re not scared, then you’re doing something wrong. Welcome that fear because that means you’re on the right track.
7. There’s no growth without some friction. On the other side of the utter chaos is a massive breakthrough.


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