How to Manifest Abundance


How do you leave your resistance behind and live in abundance? Cathy shares how to change the frequency you cast into the world, how unbelievable opportunities and creativity can be created when you don’t have an agenda, what’s the most important habit that can impact your vibration, and how to turn your focus from the memory of the past to the vision of your future.

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1. Your most creative tool is your energy, which is connected to your source. That source is always within reach.
2. The frequency that we send out is our experiment with destiny.
3. When you surrender, let go of the 3D reality, and you go all in, you open the door to the mystical. You’ll be led to opportunities and experiences like no other. That’s just how it is.
4. Successful people see opportunity everywhere. Every moment is fertile with possibility.
5. The most important habit is who you spend your time with. It’s about whose energy you calibrate with.
6. Abundance is not something outside that you desire. It is you.

7. Be obsessed with the vision of your future instead of the memory of your past.
8. The most valuable thing that creates abundance is an open heart.

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