Gary Zukav on Finding Your Authentic Power, Creating New Consciousness & Becoming a Universal Human


How can you embrace all the personalities within you and align with your power? Gary Zukav, #1 NYT bestselling author and cofounder of Seat of the Soul Institute is on a mission to help you realize your soul’s greatest potential and wake up to your extraordinary transformation. He shares how to stop resisting the fear based parts of yourself, align yourself with your soul, step into your authentic power, and enter the world of new consciousness.

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1. You are more than a mind and a body.
2. Meaning is the compass that always points in the direction your soul wants to travel.
3. Find the parts that are angry, jealous, resentful, competitive, depressed, obsessive – and experience it fully. In that moment, reach for the healthiest part of your personality that you can. That’s where contentment and meaning and joy are waiting for you.
4. The fear based parts of your personality are not your obstacles to spiritual development. They are the parts you must use to be right, to be good, to be successful.
5. Your time in earth’s school is your opportunity to transform yourself so you can give your gifts.
6. The potential isn’t in a field somewhere. It’s in you.
7. Consciousness and responsibility for what you create does not end in death of personality or soul. Your soul is immortal. You and the universe are one.
8. The final step of creating authentic power is giving your power to a higher power. And there is no higher power than love.


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