Busy Philipps’s Real Talk on Working in Entertainment, Girls5Eva & Finding Freedom by Being Yourself


How can you find the courage to show up as yourself, when your entire career is so focused on being someone else? Busy Philipps (Freaks and Geeks, Cougar Town, Girls5Eva), actress, bestselling author, and podcaster was feeling trapped until she made the decision to stop impressing everyone and just be herself. She shares why trying is the most powerful thing you can do, how she almost missed Tina Fey’s offer to be on Girls5Eva, how to be open to the possibilities of “what if”, and how being yourself can unlock the door to more meaning, opportunities, and joy.

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1. When you feel trapped, examine why you feel trapped and what led you to that place.
2. Life is messy and that’s okay.
3. Ask questions and stay curious.
4. Be open to the possibilities of “What if?”
5. Show up as yourself. When you stop trying to impress everyone, that’s when you do your best and have the most fun.
6. You have to try. As long as you’re alive, you’ve gotta try.
7. You find freedom when you don’t have to be something for someone else.

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