Tim Grover on How To Master Winning the Way He Trained Michael Jordan To


What does it take to achieve mastery on the same level as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant? Tim Grover, mental performance coach to elite professional athletes, bestselling author, and keynote speaker came from humble beginnings as a son of hardworking Indian immigrants. Those values of humility and resilience instilled in him resulted in the opportunity of a lifetime. He shares how he landed Michael Jordan as his first client, how to fail and stand back up stronger, build a winning mindset, maneuver the infinite steps towards greatness, and make every day a great day.

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1. Winning is not about the glory or the payday. Winning is about the obstacles, the challenges and the pain it takes to go there.
2. Your obligation is to give people the best you can possibly be.
3. We’ll fail more than we succeed. When you fall and fail, stay down there for a bit. Reflect on why you failed and learn from it. Then stand back up as a stronger, smarter person.
4. You’re the only person you need validation from.
5. The steps are infinite. Be willing to listen and take action to maneuver those endless steps.
6. If you can open your eyes and put your feet on the ground, then you can choose to make it a great day. The rest of the day is up to you.
7. The price of regret is so much greater than the price of not going after what you want. So experience everything. Feel everything. Winning is everywhere, every single day.
8. We want more than survival. We want to thrive. In order to thrive you can’t be comfortable. A winning mindset is an uncomfortable mindset.

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