Patrice Washington on How to Build Wealth in Business, Life & Fulfillment


How do you become wealthy in your business, mental health, and purpose? Patrice Washington, finance expert, bestselling author, coach, speaker, and podcaster realized she had to do the inner work to heal herself if she wanted to grow her business. She returns to the podcast to share how to embrace the gifts you’re given, establish boundaries from family and friends who distract you from your calling, and stop worrying about what other people think so you can claim your truth.

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1. It’s not about chasing money, it’s about chasing wisdom.
2. We have the right to redefine wealth for ourselves.
3. Your business only grows to the extent that you’re willing to heal.
4. We are born with gifts. It’s our birthright to use them in the marketplace.
5. When we refuse to charge, we make it about us. There’s no transformation without transaction.
6. You’re not for everybody and that’s okay. You’re here to serve the hearts of the few you’re assigned to.
7. Real love is helping another person stand in their greatness and showing them what’s possible.
8. An audience of one is still an audience. The one person who’s searching for you is more valuable than a thousand people who don’t give a damn.

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