Jon Acuff on How to Stop Overthinking & Change the Soundtrack of Self Sabotaging Thoughts


How can you rewrite the limiting thoughts and negative beliefs you have on repeat? Jon Acuff, NYT bestselling author, speaker, and podcaster is no stranger to the struggles of perfectionism and overthinking, which is why he wrote his newest book Soundtracks. He shares the 3 R’s to change the thoughts that aren’t serving you, 3 questions to recognize your broken soundtracks, the one word to help you deal with impostor syndrome, and the exercise to get you into messy momentum.

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1. If you can worry, you can wonder. If you can spin, you can soar. If you can doubt, you can dominate.
2. You get to change your thoughts. They’re not just something you have, they’re something you hone.
3. Write down something you desire, then listen to your first reaction. Every reaction is an education.
4. Fear gets a voice, but not a vote.
5. It’s better to “whole hurt” than “half hope.”
6. The story you’ll hear more than any other story in your life, is the story you tell yourself about yourself. What if it could be a kind story?
7. “80% perfect and shared” changes more lives than “100% perfect and stuck on a laptop.” Give yourself the gift of a B minus.
8. Momentum is always messy.


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