How John Ondrasik Turned Five for Fighting Into a 20 Year Overnight Success


How do you build the resilience to turn your passion into a 20 year overnight success? Five for Fighting’s John Ondrasik, singer songwriter, musician, composer, and speaker always loved music, but he faced decades of rejection and disappointment until his songs got the recognition they deserve. He shares how he created hit songs like Superman and 100 Years, how to stop comparing your progress and appreciate where you are in the moment, why it’s okay to put yourself first, and how to cultivate the kind of world that you want.

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1. We try to be Superman and save everyone, but we can’t be everything for everybody. We have to take care of ourselves first.
2. If you put your work out there, people will apply it to themselves as they need it. That’s the beauty of expressing yourself.
3. When you’re honest and people sense that it’s real, you have an advantage. You have the trust and appreciation of your audience for being vulnerable.
4. Appreciate the present. Don’t get so lost in the past or the future that you forget where you are.
5. Forgive yourself. Don’t expect to be a genius every day. Give yourself the grace to make mistakes.
6. Be careful what you wish for. Success is never what you think it is.
7. If the rules of the game have changed, then change the field of play.
8. There’s a reason for the world, you and I. But it’s left to each of us to figure it out.

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