Adam Grant on the Power of Thinking Again & the Benefits of Impostor Syndrome


What possibilities open up when you’re willing to rethink your thoughts and opinions? Adam Grant, organizational psychologist, bestselling author, Wharton professor, and podcast host returns to the show to explore the power of understanding what you don’t know. He shares how to use impostor syndrome to your advantage, how being wrong is just as valuable as being right, how to get to the root of what makes you uncomfortable, and how to stop aiming for perfectionism – but embrace mastery instead.

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1. Be just as excited to find out that you’re wrong as to find out that you’re right, because you learned something.
2. Have the humility and curiosity to know what you don’t know and find out what you could know.
3. You don’t have to believe everything you think. You don’t have to internalize every emotion you feel. Thoughts and emotions are just first drafts.
4. Achieving a challenging goal doesn’t require confidence. The confidence follows the action.
5. Impostor syndrome is not a barrier to achievement, but part of the fuel towards achievement.
6. Give yourself the benefit of doubting yourself.
7. Aim for mastery, not perfection. Mastery is continuing to improve, seeing progress along the way, and comparing your performance to your past self instead of other people.
8. Build your challenge network. Have people around you who believe in your potential, care about your success, and push you to reach the highest version of yourself.


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