Shea & Syd McGee on Building Your Own Opportunities & How Studio McGee Became a Netflix Show


How do you use every moment as a learning experience? Shea and Syd McGee, founders of Studio McGee and McGee & Co, authors, and stars of Netflix’s Dream Home Makeover took a chance when they sold their house to launch their design company. They share how to have a healthy marriage when you work with your spouse, why the act of giving is crucial to growing your audience, and how to turn obstacles into big opportunities.

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1. Just go for it.
2. Confidence is built one step at a time. File every experience away and learn from them.
3. Give, give give. Give your knowledge and time. Give what you learned. Eventually it comes full circle.
4. You have a magic sauce that can’t be replicated.
5. Opportunities often come when you’re not searching for them.
6. No one’s coming to save you. You have to look out for yourself, put yourself out there, and take people on the journey.
7. Practice speaking up and practice listening.


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