Sarah Jakes Roberts on How to Overcome Shame, Break Through Fear & Revolutionize Your Life


How can you learn from mistakes of the past and use them to guide you towards success? Sarah Jakes Roberts, NYT bestselling author and founder of Woman Evolve was a teen mom who also faced the added pressure of growing up in the public eye. She shares her powerful wisdom on rising above shame, breaking through your fears, evolving into the true version of yourself, and embracing all the love that is here for you.

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1. This is part of your story, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your story.
2. Dare to embrace and love your truth. Love the part of your brokenness.
3. The love in front of you is for you.
4. We’re all on our own journey of figuring out what is true for us. Gd will meet you wherever you are.
5. Living your life out loud is a powerful gift you can give to the world.
6. The only thing failure can offer you is a lesson that leads you to success.
7. This is a journey, not a race. We can take our time, pick up lessons along the way and add them to what we’re building. Have fun along the way.
8. Hold your breath in your own body. Come present into this moment, this life you’ve been given. Allow yourself to feel your soul and listen to what it needs.

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