Ray Dalio on Learning From Your Weaknesses & Building a Legacy Through Radical Transparency


How can you embrace your mistakes and weaknesses and use them to your advantage? Ray Dalio, bestselling author, investor, philanthropist, and founder of Bridgewater Associates discovered the key principles that helped him build one of the world’s largest investment firms, and he’s made it his life’s mission to pass them along to you. He teaches you how to know yourself better, use radical truth and radical transparency to arrive at the best solution, recognize your blind spots and ego barrier, and find success by knowing what you don’t know.

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1. Surround yourself with meaningful work and meaningful relationships. Seek radical truthfulness and radical transparency.
2. Learning comes from making mistakes and reflecting on them.
3. Success isn’t a result of knowing what you know. It’s a result of knowing how to deal with your not knowing.
4. Pain plus reflection equals progress.
5. Embrace the realities so you can deal with them, even if you wish they weren’t true. There’s many paths to get what you want when you accept those realities.
6. Take advantage of the best thinking around you. If you can take in all that’s available to you, you’ll learn a tremendous amount.
7. Be open minded and willing to deal with what you don’t know.


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