Rachel Platten’s Inspiring Story of Fight Song & Becoming a Channel for Love


How can you become a vessel that pours out love? Rachel Platten, award winning singer songwriter of Fight Song and Stand By You discovered her love for singing on stage, but it wasn’t an easy journey to get other people to believe in her music. She tells you how surrendering your control can lead to life changing opportunities, how to nurture the part of you that feels unworthy, how generosity and service made Fight Song a smash hit, and why we need you to shine your unique light.

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1. Take the focus off yourself. Zoom out and look at the big picture.
2. Don’t push away your emotions. Admit what you’re feeling. Name it to tame it.
3. Nurture your small self. You don’t need anyone else to do it for you. You have everything that you need inside of you.
4. Stop thinking about what you lack and focus on what you can give. Open yourself up to be a vessel and channel to what other people need.
5. Whatever the dream is, it’s for you and it’s possible.
6. It’s okay to surrender. You can’t stop the waves but can learn how to surf them. Ride the lows and have faith that the highs will come again.
7. Going through tougher things gives you more offerings that can be gifted into the world.
8. You’ve been given a unique toolbox that no one else will ever have. There will never be another you. We need your truth and message and the light that only you can shine in this world.

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