Mayim Bialik on Caring for Your Mental Health & Her Career Outside of Big Bang Theory


How can you learn to love yourself and look after your mental health? Mayim Bialik, award winning actress (Big Bang Theory, Blossom, Beaches), neuroscientist, bestselling author, and podcaster has always known that no matter what role she’s playing on screen or in real life, she has a responsibility to love herself and others. She shares how to be okay with showing up just the way you are, what went on behind the scenes of her life during The Big Bang Theory, how to hold space for your pain instead of running away, and how to embrace the shared faith we all share as human beings.

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1. Just do the best you can do today.
2. We don’t always know what’s really going on behind the scenes. Everyone is living their own human experience.
3. You can change your narrative if you’re willing to put the work in.
4. Hold space for your pain. You can’t run away from it.
5. It’s our responsibility to fill the Gd sized hole. Learn to love yourself the way the creator of the universe loves you.
6. We’re all part of the human race. We all have the responsibility to love each other and repair the world.
7. If you believe the sun is going to come up tomorrow, then we have the same faith. We just call it a different name.

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