Iliza Shlesinger on Becoming a Successful Comedian, Finding the Right Relationship & What Jimmy Kimmel Taught Her About Interviewing


How do you commit to the long haul of mastering your craft? Iliza Shlesinger, comedian, actress, writer, and podcaster always had a passion for comedy and knew she would do whatever it took to make it part of her life. She shares her advice on how to stop worrying about what other people think, how to set your standards in a relationship, what she learned from Jimmy Kimmel about being a good interviewer, and how being present creates a special experience that can never be duplicated.

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1. There are no rules. There’s no wrong way to start your path.
2. Go where the current takes you.
3. People aren’t invested in whether you fail or succeed. So get it done. You only have one life and you came here to play.
4. Don’t be married to your material. Be agile and incorporate whatever comes. Give your audience an experience that can never be duplicated.
5. Making it in any career is a marathon, not a sprint. Show up for the work. Be here for the long haul.
6. There are worlds of warmth that can be opened just by having a conversation.
7. Don’t be with someone who makes you feel bad. You matter and your goals matter.
8. Diversify the ways you can serve and challenge yourself.


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