Geneen Roth Talks About Healing Anxiety, Pain & Our Relationship to Food


How can you slow down to listen to your body and feel your feelings? Geneen Roth, NYT bestselling author spent her early adulthood struggling in her relationship with food, until she realized that dieting and self loathing was not the way she wanted to live. She teaches you how to quit the addiction that’s trying to fill the empty void inside, practice being kind to yourself, stop feeling shame over your thoughts, and give yourself permission to enjoy all that you already have.

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1. It’s okay to stop and notice what you’re feeling. The body speaks to you.
2. Practice being kind to yourself.
3. Something bigger than the feeling is noticing the feeling. It’s a presence, an awareness. It doesn’t have a history and it’s not ashamed. It’s like the sky that can hold both the dark and the light.
4. This is an inside job. It begins by opening your eyes, getting out of bed, and walking.
5. Your thoughts aren’t personal.
6. Stop worrying about what you might lose. Look at what is here that can’t be lost. Let yourself have what you have.
7. We’re all different, we’re all messy and we’re all magnificent.

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