Mari Andrew on Coming Home to Yourself & Building an Instagram Community with 1 Million Followers


How can you embark on the beautiful journey of discovering yourself? Mari Andrew, bestselling author and illustrator never felt like she fit in, which actually became a blessing that gave her an early start on getting to know her inner self. She shares how to create content that has built a 1 million+ Instagram community, let go of the opinions you can’t control, rebel against the bigger conversation, and welcome home all parts of yourself.

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1. Even if 5 people resonate with your work, that is a success.
2. Be a rebellion against what the bigger conversation is saying. Ask, “What else can we say here? Who might not feel this way?”
3. The more you can go inside yourself, the more you can understand how other people work.
4. Your body, heart and mind are the only things you will ever truly own. It’s the only home you have.
5. We can see in the dark if we wait long enough.
6. There’s a value to anything we struggle through.
7. Getting to know yourself is the most important, beautiful journey you can take.
8. You can’t control how the world perceives you, but that’s none of your business. Find the things you can control, like your self worth, the life you love, the experience of what you’re doing. They can’t take away how much fun you have.


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