James Altucher on How to Skip the Line & Master the Life You Desire


How can you build mastery without spending 10,000 hours on developing your craft? James Altucher, writer, bestselling author, serial entrepreneur, investor and chess master has spent his life as a human guinea pig to discover the key of achieving your dream. He shares how to find the upside of “failed” experiments, how to assess and manage risk, why it’s a good sign when you’re scared to hit publish, and how giving abundantly builds abundance.

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1. Inspiration only hits you when the doors are open. Keep the doors open by exercising your idea muscle every day.
2. You’re allowed to switch your interests.
3. It’s more valuable to experiment than to do repetitive practice.
4. Be like Google. Share your best ideas and be abundantly generous. The process of sharing and giving will naturally create money.
5. You have to do things. Write a list of ideas, send an email, experiment and try things that have little downside and enormous upside.
6. The rewards are always there.
7. If you stay in the game, you win the game.
8. Don’t assume this is the only time you’ll do something. When you try a lot of things, no one remembers your bad moments.


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