How to Quiet Your Inner Critic & Stop Procrastinating on Your Dreams – Anne Lamott


How do you restore your courage to get over your perfectionism and start messy? Anne Lamott, bestselling author, speaker, and writing teacher has been a writer her entire life, but even she still faces that impostor syndrome every time she sits down to put words on paper. She tells you how to take action when the negative voices are loud, how beginning badly can lead to magic, why you should stop trying to figure things out, how to welcome in the shadows, and why it’s never too late to start on your dream.

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1. Be open for business. Be available for any idea, be permeable and be curious about all of life.
2. Take the action. The insight will follow.
3. Don’t try to figure it out. Let the thing inside of you help you get it done.
4. One of the keys to the kingdom of inside reserves of new material and insight and awakening is, “I don’t know.”
5. Create what you’d love to come upon. It tells you that something deep in your soul is trying to get your attention.
6. Start where you are. Break through perfectionism by doing it badly more often.
7. The point is not to try harder. The point is to resist less.
8. There is only now. There is only the Holy moment. So do it today.


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