Harry Connick Jr’s Special Stories About the Greatest Lesson in Humility, Alone With My Faith & Unconditional Love


How can you find strength and faith in hard times? Harry Connick Jr, Emmy and Grammy award winning singer, composer, and actor has been in the spotlight for almost his entire life, but the lessons he learned from his parents and mentors have always kept him grounded in his core values. He shares how he got the opportunity for When Harry Met Sally, what his father taught him about humility, how to give yourself the grace to make mistakes and do better, and how to give unconditional love to every single soul.

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1. Give yourself something to edit. Give yourself the opportunity to improve.
2. No matter who you’re talking to, love everyone unconditionally.
3. Just try to be better. Work a little harder, dig a little deeper, and look a little closer at yourself.
4. You’re much more than worthy. You’re needed and we love you. You’re an immeasurable gift of potential that can become something important to yourself and other people.
5. There’s going to be discomfort on the journey. There will be times when you’re stuck. It’s okay to be present in the pain and discomfort while it happens.
6. If given a chance, your purpose will reveal itself to you.
7. Humility and ego can coexist. You can be humble and let your light shine while you’re changing the world.

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