Dr. Nicole LePera on How to Break Through Your Subconscious Resistance & Create a Life You Love


How can you break your subconscious self sabotaging thoughts and create change? Dr. Nicole LePera, holistic psychologist and author has made it her mission to empower people to do the work and walk on a path towards self healing. She teaches you how to step out of the familiar patterns that keep you stuck, serve authentically, tune into your conscious mind, and embrace the uncertainty that comes with gaining your inner wisdom.

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1. Our brain can change no matter how old we are. Practice changing it by firing it in a new way.
2. Create consciousness by tuning into your senses. Build the space to make new choices.
3. There’s no shame in being stuck. It means you’re human.
4. Embrace uncertainty and the fear of putting yourself out there.
5. Our greatest teacher is our lived experiences. It comes with discomfort and challenges but it’s the only way to help us develop a new pattern.
6. We all have an inner knowing. Walk in a direction and you’ll find your way towards your path.
7. Be flexible and hold space for all the different experiences. There’s more than one way you can show up in service of others that uniquely and authentically you.


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