A Powerful Conversation with Rabbi David Aaron About Your Soul in the Afterlife & How Love Connects Us to One Self


How can you give unconditional love to yourself and to others? Rabbi David Aaron returns for a special discussion about what love truly is, how your impostor syndrome affects everyone, what happens to the soul when the body dies, and what tiny transformations you can make today to have a better life.

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1. You come into the world to play a part. When your soul leaves this world, you don’t die. You’re born. You are birthed out of your body.
2. We are made of consciousness. On the deepest level, we’re all connected to one self, one soul.
3. Only love is real. Love is the realization that we are one.
4. Love isn’t something you deserve, earn, or ask if you’re worthy of. Love is a gift.
5. We’re all rich with kind words. Send one kind note to somebody who will be surprised to receive it. Start by sending one to yourself.
6. The power to love unconditionally is the most incredible power you’ve been gifted. When you release love in your heart towards another person, you’ll feel the love towards yourself because you’re being your best self.
7. There’s no better life than helping others have a better life.

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