Ramit Sethi Helps You Create Your Rich Life, Find Your Dream Job & Become the CEO of Your Career


How can you dream bigger and open up to the rich life you deserve? Ramit Sethi, personal finance expert and bestselling author of I Will Teach You To Be Rich is back on the show to teach you about reframing your invisible money scripts and finding the dream job that will set you up for success. He shares how to negotiate for what you want, find a meaningful job that can help you grow the skills for your side hustle, turn up your money dial without feeling shame, and empower yourself to be the leader of your career.

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1. There’s no limit to how much you can earn.
2. Money allows you to dream bigger and treat the ones you love. Trust yourself enough to know you won’t compromise your values just because you have more money.
3. Your rich life is yours. Don’t let people guilt you into what you’re allowed and not allowed to do in your rich life. You can turn the dial way up.
4. Be honest. Stop eviscerating and putting a limit on your own dreams.
5. Don’t sit, don’t be stagnant and scared. The answer is to take action.
6. You can either tell yourself there’s nothing out there, or you can create opportunities for yourself. Those opportunities are out there and will be filled by someone. Why not you?
7. Be a leader of your own career. See it through, empower yourself, invest in your skills, and ask for what you want.


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