Priyanka Chopra Jonas on Creating the Life of Your Dreams


How do you clear your path and make your dreams come to life? Priyanka Chopra Jonas, award winning actress, philanthropist, producer and author was always encouraged to voice her opinion and persevere, no matter the situation. She shares her wisdom on how to build your confidence while embracing your fragility as a human being, what makes you a good person, and how to take charge of your life.

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1. No matter what scenario you face, if you persevere and treat yourself as your own friend, you can create the trajectory that you want.
2. You don’t have to be confident all the time. You can be afraid, or sad, or vulnerable. It’s okay to accept the fragility of who we are.
3. Be the best you can be in any situation, instead of fearing the enormity of something that’s thrown at you.
4. Your thoughts and your dreams matter. Your opinion matters.
5. You don’t have to keep running. You can stop and enjoy what’s here for you.
6. Money and status won’t make you a good bad person. It’s your integrity. It has to do with empathy, compassion, generosity, and having a voice. Even if you touch just one person’s life, you’re a good person.
7. Keep your inner circle tight.
8. You don’t have to step on someone else’s shoulders. We all succeed when we encourage each other.
9. Make a plan for your life. Taking charge doesn’t mean just thinking about it. It’s about taking tangible steps and measures that create the path and clear the clutter so you can see a distinct road.

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