Jessica Zweig’s 3 Step Framework to Build an Authentic Personal Brand


How can you build a personal brand and a successful business by simply being yourself? Jessica Zweig, founder & CEO of SimplyBe, personal branding expert, author, and podcaster is on a mission to help entrepreneurs and companies embrace and show their true selves, so they can attract the people who need them. She walks you through her 3 step Personal Brand Hologram framework, her evergreen principles to build a genuine and consistent presence on social media, and her philosophy around pinnacle content so you can stop overthinking the strategy and instead, deepen your relationship with the people who matter.

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1. The more you vibrate at the frequency of you, the more you can repel the people you don’t want and magnetize the people who are attracted to you.
2. This is an inside job first. Peel apart who you are and how you show up. You have to feel like you deserve it in the first place. That’s the real work.
3. Pick your lane and stick to the script. You are who you say you are over and over again. If you try to be an expert at everything, you become a master at nothing.
4. Tactics and strategies come second and third. Start with the resonance that people will feel.
5. You don’t need all the bells and whistles. People just want your presence. The value is in us simply being.
6. Quality over quantity. Get the vanity metrics out of head, and focus on nurturing the community you have. That will pay you back in spades.
7. Measure your success by how much fun you’re having. Make it an adventure.
8. Be integrated. Who you are on online should be who you show up as in person.


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