A Heart to Heart with Rachel Hollis About How to Be Your Most Authentic Self & Reclaim Your Joy


How can you withstand difficult times and arrive back to your true self? Rachel Hollis, #1 NYT bestselling author, speaker, founder & CEO of RISE, and podcaster faced major life changing challenges in 2020 that made it one of her hardest years – but also one of her best years. She shares how to rediscover and embrace the things that light your heart on fire, shut out the negativity in your life, enjoy the process of creating mediocre work, and find the strength to trek through your darkest moments.

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1. Letting go of shame is a process of learning yourself, your triggers, and how to navigate around them.
2. It’s not your job to accept negativity from other people. Stick up for yourself. You don’t have to take this.
3. What’s good will always be good.
4. You’re here for a reason. We need you. It does get better, but only if you keep moving forward. Just get through one breath…and the next…and the next. You’ve gotta stay with us.
5. Focus on the “what,” not the “how.” Let the “what” become so big and bright and beautiful that you’ll jump into any way to achieve that.
6. It’s ok to do something simply because it lights your heart on fire. It doesn’t always have to be for the greater good of everyone around you.
7. When you start out, you’re going to suck. Be willing to suck for as long as it takes for you to get better. You can count on yourself to figure it out. Success is the willingness to stay in the game.
8. We stand on the backs of giants.

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