The 2 Ways You Can Sell Without Feeling Salesy


How can you make sales feel like an honest and empathetic transaction? Cathy shares a sneak peek of some strategies and truth bombs you can expect in next week’s free challenge. You’ll learn how to make selling feel organic and genuine, provide an experience and build trust, solve someone else’s pain point, and meet your edge so you can break through to your next level.

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1. Have a vision for your life.
2. You don’t want to be stagnant. Meet your edge. The satisfaction is in the growing, the breakthrough, and the expansion. Everything else is just gravy.
3. Not everyone can be famous, but everyone can be in service. When you serve, you will be significant. When you are significant because of your service, success will find you.
4. Build the well before you’re thirsty. Make deposits so you can make a withdrawal. Always be generous. Always be giving.
5. We all just want to feel seen. If you’re the person who brings empathy, you’re already the person they’ll want to buy from. You’re more than enough, just by being available to see someone.
6. Sales is not about closing a sale. It’s about opening a relationship and solving somebody’s pain point.
7. When they zig, you zag. When you do that, you become a category of one.
8. Comfort and greatness don’t go together. Don’t settle for not having greatness. Be up for the failure. It’s all part of the creative process.
9. You are the missing piece. No one else is going to do your work. We are not complete without you.


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