New Year, New Possibilities!


How can you create new possibilities in the New Year? To help you start 2021 strong, Cathy shares an interesting discussion about how to use your feminine and masculine energy to create from a higher vibe that’s aligned with your heart, and the strategies to use throughout the 4 seasons of entrepreneurship to drive your business forward. She also answers your questions about what to do when you tell yourself “I don’t know,” how to fix your money mindset, and how to overcome the fear of success.

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1. When you drop into coherence and an open heart, you immediately step into creation.
2. You are completely whole and completely there. Let go of what you think you are and come home.
3. Expect something awesome every day.
4. We are one collective. When you rise, you share it back. If you’re playing small and dimming your light, then you’re deciding the collective deserves to rise either.
5. Begin with the end in mind. Business is not about creating alone in the dark, but having radical empathy and going to an individual to find out what story to tell them based on what they need. Solve their problem.
6. People want to pay and pay well. When we deny them the ability to pay us, we’re holding down their energy and denying them what they want.
7. Be willing to be in the messy creative process.
8. You know that you are born for greatness.

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