Donald Miller’s Simple Formula to Start a Business & Build a StoryBrand


What are the essential pieces of building and growing a successful business? Donald Miller, bestselling author, podcaster, CEO of StoryBrand and Business Made Simple is on a mission to teach entrepreneurs all the simple steps of building a business that you wouldn’t learn in an MBA program. He reveals the one question to ask yourself if you don’t know where to start, his 3 step formula to clarifying and communicating your message to your customer, and the epiphany he had that can help you free yourself from the shame that’s holding you back.

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1. When you follow your curiosity, you’ll figure out what lights you up.
2. Take responsibility for your life. You’re in charge of your own story.
3. Ask yourself, “What problem will people pay me to solve?” That will lead you to your business.
4. You can create meaning and happiness just by solving a problem, no matter what the problem is.
5. Invite the customer into a specific story. They’re the hero and you’re the guide who will help them solve their problem.
6. You have to try, try, try. Keep swinging and eventually you’ll hit the ball.
7. Every human is intrinsically priceless. Intrinsic value doesn’t come from us. It comes from the miracle of a story we’re all living within.
8. Treat all the parts of yourself with love and respect. When you give them respect, that’s when you can live with integrity.


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