3 Inspiring Journeys From My Students Who Bet on Themselves & Turned Their Idea into an Income


How do you get the courage to invest in your dreams and take action to make them come to life? Today’s episode celebrates 3 of our Made to Do This graduates – Jo Ingram, Hilary Anthony, and Amy Fowler – who entered the 12 week program, unsure of what they were made to do. Now they’re living in alignment with their heart and making an income doing what brings them joy. Find out how they discovered the purpose of their gifts, embraced the beautiful brokenness of their story, opened up to receiving the money they deserve, and surrendered into the flow of their divine assignment.

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Jo Ingram

– Instagram https://www.instagram.com/iamjo.ingram
– Listen to Jo’s podcast Action Taker Tribe wherever you listen to podcasts!

Hilary Anthony
– Instagram https://www.instagram.com/rootedandrisinglife
– Website https://www.hilaryanthony.com/

Amy Fowler

– Instagram https://www.instagram.com/treat.yourself.first
– Listen to Amy’s podcast In Her Feelings wherever you listen to podcasts!- More info on Amy’s work https://bit.ly/3cillS7


1. Lean in and take the chance.
2. Play against someone better than you. Surround yourself with greatness. That’s how you level up .
3. When you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing, everything opens up for you
4. Resilience is real. We can keep trekking no matter what hits us.
5. People love spending money. Make an opportunity for them to spend it on you and what you have to give.
6. Step into the flow and surrender.
7. You are worth it.
8. Show up and do it messy.
9. You don’t have to have shame around your story. You’re meant to be here just as you are, as beautifully broken as you are. There’s a purpose for you.

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