Two Incredible Students Share Their Powerful Stories & How They Led Them to a Great Purpose


How can you use the pain of your past to connect with an entire community? Cathy shares two powerful coaching calls with Julianna and Sheri, who have both been through intense hardships, but are now reclaiming their lives and ready to hold space for the people they’re here to serve. Find out how to get super specific about your target audience, gather the courage to share your story, and make an impact on those who need to know they’re not alone.

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Julianna Perez

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Sheri Biritz

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1. Showing up as your messy, crying self can mean a lot to people.
2. Becoming ourselves is about unbecoming all the things we’re not.
3. Rising up means simultaneously sinking down into your knowing.
4. Our inner voices are like characters. Let them be there, but you’re playing the main role.
5. Confidence doesn’t come first. It’s just courage.
6. Walk in the space where people won’t walk.
7. There’s a whole world that needs you. Don’t wait one more second to shine your light.
8. You are here for a very sacred assignment.


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