More Epic Lessons from 2020 to Help You Level Up in the New Year


Happy New Year’s Eve! In a farewell to 2020, we’re highlighting more of the top lessons and stories that you can carry with you into 2021. Soak up all this wisdom from amazing guests like Kevin Nealon, Martha Beck, Bob Goff, Yeardley Smith, Ian Lopatin, Rob Lowe, Jamie Kern Lima, David Lynch, Dan Harris, Byron Katie, and Rabbi David Aaron.


1. Do things that scare you. Confronting your fears can actually feel fantastic.
2. All you need is 20 seconds of insane courage.
3. Tell your authentic story. Own it.
4. Stay curious and interested, stay connected to real life. It enables you to reinvent yourself and pay attention to new opportunities that the world has for you.
5. Don’t worry about what other people think. Think about enjoying something you like doing. The reward is in the doing.
6. To be true to yourself is to be true to your nature. Go back to the last time you felt the ring of truth, the sense of joy and rightness, the click that said “this is right for me”. If you go back to that place, you’ll find things that are uniquely fascinating to you.
7. If we’re hurting, that’s a good sign that we’re alive and we know there’s a light inside that needs to shine.
8. Depersonalize the unwanted parts of yourself and approach them with warmth.
9. You’ll figure it out. Start walking and the path will appear.
10. The world needs people who are available. Be available and it’ll move you towards what you’re longing for.
11. Love doesn’t have a reason, it doesn’t have to be justified or earned – because love is a gift. The more you give it and believe it, then the more you open your life to receive it.


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