How Stoicism Helps Us Find Courage, Joy & Stillness in Challenging Times – Ryan Holiday


What can the ancient Stoics teach us about facing times of adversity? Ryan Holiday, bestselling author is back to discuss the most important lessons he’s gathered in the process of writing his latest book, Lives of the Stoics. He shares how taking a vacation can lead to your best ideas, why recognition is overrated, how to stop worrying what other people think, and how to live fully with all that you have.

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1. You can read and learn all you want, but then you have to let the adversity of life train you. You get better the more reps you have.
2. If you’re alive right now, you made it. The moments of difficulty aren’t fun, but what you can take from them is confidence and knowledge in yourself. Give yourself credit for still standing.
3. Don’t give your personal development the leftover minutes. Make it the main priority.
4. Having an opinion is great, but only when you take action on it.
5. Recognition pales in comparison to the accomplishment of making an impact.
6. There’s a freedom in knowing that no one really cares about you at all.
7. Do the best you can with what you’re capable of doing. If it’s humanly possible, you have to know that you’re capable of doing it.
8. This is it. Everything you need, you already have. Life is fragile so why not be alive right now. Experience all you fully have, instead of focusing on what you think you need.


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