An Inspiring Coaching Call About Reclaiming Your Joy & Turning It Into a Successful Business


How can you go back into a state of creative play and silliness, and transform that into a living? Cathy coaches 2 students, Kim and Maida who were struggling to sell their offer because they thought they had to abandon the fun side of themselves in order to build a “serious” business. You’ll find out how to show up in your magic, take people on a virtual adventure, use your podcast to lead to your offer, and let life become a party.

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1. Let it be fun. Play and create. It doesn’t have to be serious and you don’t have to work so hard. Life can be a party.
2. Show up in your magic and your silliness.
3. Don’t put yourself last.
4. Your audience is a representation of the old you.
5. You have already been chosen long before you were born.
6. Bring people together and take them on an adventure through your eyes.
7. When people say no to your offer, it’s probably because you’re saying no to yourself.
8. Don’t make it so complicated. Go back to what sparks your joy.


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